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Cybersecurity Agency Switzerland

Our portfolio of cybersecurity services consists of a variety of services that meet the requirements of private companies and public institutions (municipalities, cities, communities). They can also be tailored to fit your individual needs. We help you choose the right solution for you that is specific to the cybersecurity threats your company or institution faces.

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A penetration test of your website, online store, or other applications, interfaces, and networks will reveal gaps that an attacker could use to penetrate your system. A pentest produces a report on vulnerabilities found with instructions on how to fix them together with your IT support.

We offer the following penetration tests:

  • Web Application Pentest
  • Network Pentest
  • Desktop Application Pentest
  • iOS Application Pentest
  • Android App Pentest
  • IoT Device Pentest
  • GDPR Pentest
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Cybersecurity Training

All persons with access to data of your company or institution are potential targets for cyber criminals. Making these people aware of the potential dangers and training them in how to deal with them properly is crucial to avoid giving potential cyber attackers a target and greatly reduce the possibility of an attack.

Our selection of trainings includes:

  • 17 E-learning courses
  • Online exam
  • Certification NCSCERT
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Network Security

Is your network security at risk? Attackers exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to data on your network. Our specialists reveal points that are attacked and vulnerabilities in your network.

Our network security services include:

  • Network Security Audit
  • PCI DSS security audit
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Cloud Security

Data in the cloud is also vulnerable. Cloud storage entails certain risks. Our Cloud Security Check shows you these and reduces any risks to your security.

Novatec services to keep your cloud assets safe:

  • Cloud Security Audit
  • Cloud traffic analysis and monitoring
  • Threat simulations
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Phishing und Social Engineering

Your employees can become targets for attacks and create gaps in cybersecurity. Human interactions are one way that malicious attacks can gain access to your system. We note any attempted fraud or attacks.

Reduce the risks posed by phishing with our services:

  • Raise awareness of dangers
  • Training: Detecting phishing and social engineering
  • Testing employees: simulating phishing
Phishing & Social Engineering

Red Team Safety Check

We test your cybersecurity through attack simulations. We simulate attacks on your company or institution like cyber-attackers would do in order to identify any vulnerabilities.

Red Team Safety Check

Code Reviewing

Code review improves the quality of your software code in terms of security and functionality. Our specialists help find security vulnerabilities and can help speed up the development process.

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Negotiating extortion demands

Often, victims of cyber-attacks are faced with monetary demands. These sums are not absolute and can be reduced through skillful negotiation. Our specialists can help you with this.

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