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Network Security

A network security audit attempts to access the internal network and network components (e.g. data servers, printers, scanners, database systems, internal mail servers, intranet portals, etc.) by exploiting any vulnerabilities found. It uses the same tools and methods that hackers would use to penetrate IT systems and networks. After successful testing, we will send a high-quality report to your IT consultant with a summary, technical details, and solutions to fix the vulnerabilities.

Network Security Audit

Increase the security of your internal network by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in your internal assets. Internal audits provide a holistic approach to determining where an organization is vulnerable.

Our audit uncovers high-risk vulnerabilities for every server, application, and computer on the intranet that, once fixed, enhance the security of the network. Effective enterprise IT security compliance requires regular security audits to identify vulnerabilities. Here's how to detect data leaks in your company.

A majority of cyberattacks begin with a phishing e-mail . In our experience, this is often the easiest and most likely path to success for remotely accessing a network.

Network security audits can also provide clarity on whether a company has already been attacked by hackers and whether sensitive data has been stolen.

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PCI DSS security audit

PCI DSS penetration tests are regular security audits designed to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in external or internal networks and applications. PCI requirements oblige organizations to conduct security audits for network infrastructure and applications at least annually to remain compliant.

Our PCI DSS penetration tests are designed to include an assessment of network infrastructure and applications both from outside and inside an organization's network. They take into account your web applications as well as your infrastructure.

Our security engineers are part of the GIAC Advisory Board, and they are CISM accredited and OSCP certified experts. They have helped many customers stay PCI DSS compliant with security audits on network and web applications.

PCI DSS security audit

Procedure and duration of a network security check

Our selection of services outlines what will be done during our audit. In order to determine the scope of the audit, we will send you a short questionnaire in advance. If you have any problems answering the questionnaire, we will be glad to assist you. After the audit is completed, we will send you a detailed report on the tests and attacks performed, the vulnerabilities discovered, and the actions recommended to resolve them. If you do not have the resources to fix the vulnerabilities found, we will be happy to assist you.

Cost of a network security check

A network security test usually takes 4 to 9 man days. The costs start at CHF 6'000. A precise quote with scope of services and exact costs can be provided by us after we could clarify some parameters with your IT consultant. For small businesses with up to 5 employees we offer a SME-network-security-test, which we can offer for CHF 4'500.

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