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Red Team Safety Check

The Red Team technique is about assessing cybersecurity through simulated attacks to measure the strength of the organization's existing security capabilities and identify areas for improvement in a low-risk environment. Red Team is the term used to describe the attacking techniques. Through this attack simulation, we uncover vulnerabilities in your network, web applications, physical infrastructure, and employees.

With our Red Teaming, we offer "No Limits Hacking". This involves the most realistic attack simulations against your organization to evaluate and significantly improve the effectiveness of your overall information security program.

The techniques our Red Team uses range from penetration testing on external infrastructure and web applications to phishing attempts targeting employees, social engineering, and impersonating employees to gain admin access.

Procedure and duration of a Red Team Assessment

Our selection of services outlines what will be done during our audit. In order to determine the scope of the audit, we will send you a short questionnaire in advance to your IT support. After the audit is completed, we will send a detailed report on the tests and attacks performed, the vulnerabilities discovered, and the actions recommended to resolve them.

Cost of a Red Team safety inspection

The cost of a social engineering penetration test depends on its scope and starts at CHF 5,000.

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